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Xposeyour empowers executive leaders of rapidly growing small to medium-sized organizations to optimize performance, adapt to change, solve staffing and personnel issues and fill performance-management process gaps to enhance hiring processes using a science-based approach.

Xposeyour courses, resources, and memberships will equip you with proven frameworks and assessment tools from Barefoot in the Boardroom that will help you navigate all phases of change, grow your organization, and succeed by keeping your employees and customers happy. 

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FREE Leadership Resources

These well-curated leadership development worksheets, ebooks, and other resources will help you find opportunity areas, provide actionable insights, and equip you with the skills you need to flourish as a leader.

Exposeyour Leadership Capacity Course

Growing businesses need leaders who can drive transformational change to successfully take them to the next level. Getting to the next level will require more of you. Therefore it is important to increase your leadership capacity. This course will help you do just that. 

The BAREFOOT Change Leader Certification

Change management is at the heart of a company’s ability to accept and implement change successfully. It enables employees to comprehend and commit to the shift while also allowing them to perform efficiently. Effective change management is vital to fundamental transformation. This course will provide our proven, 8-phased framework called the BAREFOOT Method® and certify you as a change leader who is known for not only getting results but for keeping your employees and customers happy.  

Join "The Barefoot Boardroom" Application Waitlist

COMING SOON! We are launching a membership called "The Barefoot Boardroom" to assist leaders with reaching their most audacious goals through implementing proven strategies, networking with peers, and creating accountability.  Sign up to join the waitlist to apply if you're serious about getting to your next level. 

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