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8 Modules

Ebook- Barefoot in the Boardroom (First 3 Chapters)

Download the first 3 chapters of Barefoot in the Boardroom at no cost. This book will scale an organization, team, or department to not only identify the right strategic initiatives but to execute those initiatives and sustain success. If your organization is experiencing rapid growth, implementing new software, going through an acquisition, restructuring, or going through any chaotic changes that impact employees, this book is for you! 

Unlocking Team Potential - A Guide to Elevating Staff Performance

This handout provides a concise roadmap for unlocking the potential of your staff, ensuring that they perform at their peak. With insights on common performance pitfalls, probing questions to understand underlying issues, quick wins to boost performance, and ways to measure progress, this guide is your key to transforming your workforce.

Your First 100 Days Ebook

The first hundred days for any position are crucial, even more so for a leader. You are laying the foundation for your tenure and simultaneously learning the company dynamics and culture, customers, and products or services (potentially a new industry), assessing and earning the trust of your new team, and formulating your long and short-term strategic plans. Approaching this critical time systematically and with purpose will position you and your team for success while you fully integrate into the organization and formulate your vision.

Leading Bigger Worksheet

If no one told you today, YOU ARE AWESOME! There is no one else in the world who is exactly like you, so when you are confident, you are able to accomplish things that no one else can. Sometimes, we don't see our own greatness, so we start to feel "small." But, just because you feel small, that doesn't mean that you cannot lead "BIG"! This worksheet will guide you through the reflections and assessments necessary to increase your confidence and get the results you want! 

Building Your Personal Brand Activity

Your personal brand helps you stand out as a leader. Use this worksheet to help you identify the core of your brand, as well as your Unique Service Proposition.

Becoming A Dynamic Leader Bundle

This bundle includes an ebook and a worksheet that defines what a dynamic leader is, outlines 11 leadership principles, and includes challenge questions to help leaders improve in each area.

You can use this for yourself or as a coaching tool for your direct reports. 

Elevate & Engage: Monthly Leadership Mastermind Hour (Virtual)

Elevate your leadership game with the Elevate & Engage: Leadership Mastermind Hour! Join us for this monthly rendezvous, where you’ll dive into riveting leadership discussions, participate in a live Q&A with industry experts, and collaboratively solve real-life challenges. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and access a wealth of exclusive resources. Mark your calendar for the second Monday of every month and prepare to lead with confidence and poise! 

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