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The BAREFOOT Change Leader Certification (Self-paced)

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Whether your organization is implementing new enterprise-wide software, modifying an existing process/procedure, undergoing an acquisition, restructuring, or embarking on any type of change, this course is for you!

Here is what you can expect:

  • learn the prerequisites for embarking on a transformational change
  • identify the 8 phases of successful change management 
  • recognize staff strengths and opportunities to inform the most effective use of resources 
  • align your business strategy with your people strategy for optimization 
  • measure the impact of the change on the organization 
  • uncover and address cultural norms that create barriers to successful change 
  • learn effective communication strategies to keep employees engaged
  • take assessments to uncover areas of opportunity and provide actionable insights for team development
  • provide resources and downloadable content that will foster growth and increase productivity 
  • Complete your Barefoot Change Leader Certification

If you are ready to grow as a leader and navigate your team through change while keeping your employees and customers happy, purchase this course today. 

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Barefoot Leader Course Overview

The BAREFOOT Method® is an acronym of eight letters (B.A.R.E.F.O.O.T). It comprises proven strategies and tactics I have implemented to achieve exceptional results and the framework I’ve observed while watching other successful leaders and mentors. Each word of this acronym explains a step to effectively lead your team through change and demonstrates the heroic measures that the world’s greatest leaders utilize to reach the next level or their most audacious goals.

Barefoot Leader Course Introduction

Before using The BAREFOOT Method®, there are prerequisites and guidelines you must understand to get the most out of this certification program to achieve maximum results in your organization. The purpose of this video is to provide you with the foundational principles needed to navigate this framework successfully. 

Break The Organizational Norms

Corporate transformation may be difficult to achieve, as many businesses are learning. Why? Because we frequently fail to verify whether our organization’s norms or the invisible factors that govern people’s behavior support the new path we are attempting to create. Therefore, the very first stage of the process is to “break.” The objective is to understand your organizational norms, recognize areas that need to be addressed, and intentionally break patterns that deviate from the desired outcome.

Assess Your Organization, Team, & Resources

Assessments are necessary for a business to examine and analyze where it is today and where it wants to go in the future. The objective of analyzing your current condition is to discover deficiencies and determine how to address them. This stage provides the groundwork for future organizational changes and the metrics that will be used to assess your effectiveness. 

Reposition For Talent Optimization

As your company expands, scalability becomes a greater issue, and your first reaction could be to hire more people—after all, more customers equals more staff, right? Possibly not. More might imply less when it comes to talent optimization because less time is spent on ineffective activities, which ultimately saves money. 

This course will equip you will the tools necessary to accomplish more with less and learn to get the right people in the right seats to get the right results. You will learn to reposition employees as needed as your organization scales. 

Execute the Strategy

The capacity to identify the next best move, execute the strategic plan through actionable steps, and monitor accountability outcomes is imperative for organizational success. 

In this course, you will learn how to translate your strategy into actionable steps. 


Follow-up for Accountability

Follow-up is the next important step. To keep an eye on the “pulse” of your major projects and the company as a whole, you’ll need to plan recurring meetings. When you implement a new process or introduce a new system, it takes a lot of effort to make sure all things are on track and going as planned. Follow-up does not end. You may not need to supervise the ongoing processes after a while as much as you need to at the initial stages, but to keep things running smoothly, you need to ensure effective communication among employees and leaders.

Operationalize the Change

You have identified goals, created a thorough action plan to meet them, and established the accountability framework. Now it is critical that you operationalize your plan. When you operationalize something, it means you have put it into action or use. So how can you operationalize your strategic plan? You must make the plan a living, breathing part of your company’s operations.

Opportunities Identified for Sustainable Success

Changes do not bring with them dangers; they bring with them possibilities. It is your responsibility as a leader to seek out and grasp such chances. In the finding opportunities stage, you can start by brainstorming possible opportunities, keeping in mind different factors such as economic trends, market trends, changing relationships with stakeholders, as well as shifts in your target audience.

Timelines Are Necessary

In this module, you will learn how to gain momentum during the change while having the ability to track progress. 

Barefoot Change Leader Conclusion and Certificate

The ultimate objective of this course is to assist you in achieving your most audacious goals and successfully navigating change while keeping your employees and customers happy. Complete the Certification and then use the knowledge and experience to help drive transformational change at your organization. 

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