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Exposeyour Leadership Capacity Course (Self-paced)

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Whether your organization is implementing new enterprise-wide software, modifying an existing process/procedure, undergoing an acquisition, restructuring, or embarking on any type of change, this course is for you!

Here is what you can expect:

  • identify the 9 competencies needed to successfully navigate your team through change
  • determine your capacity to lead through the change
  • take an assessment to uncover areas of opportunity and provide actionable insights for personal development
  • encourage personal development and increase your leadership capacity 
  • provide resources and downloadable content that will foster growth in each competency area

If you are ready to grow as a leader and accomplish more in less time, purchase this course today. 

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Course Overview

Welcome to the EXPOSEYOUR Leadership Capacity virtual training. Since you purchased this course, it is safe to say that you’re already a high-performing contributor at your company and you’re committed to personal growth to prepare you to navigate your team through change.  

In this course overview, I am going to explain details that will help you get the most out of this course.  

Executive Presence

The ability to project courage and sobriety under pressure is known as executive presence. This training will teach you how to develop and increase your proficiency in this area so that you may have influence and buy-in at all levels to get the results you want. 


Leadership Purpose is the capacity to understand the motivation behind an initiative and the determination to follow through on the actions required to attain the desired outcome. 

This course will teach you how to find your unique purpose and how to use it to help your team navigate change.


As your company expands, scalability becomes a greater issue, and your first reaction could be to hire more people—after all, more customers equals more staff, right? Possibly not. More might really imply less when it comes to talent optimization because less time is spent on ineffective activities which ultimately saves money. 

This course will equip you will the tools necessary to accomplish more with less. 


Strategy is the capacity to develop, implement, and operationalize a plan to scale your business, team, or department. 

In this course, you will learn about how to create short-term SMART goals by understanding and identifying the longterm objectives of your company or department. 



The capacity to identify the next best move, execute the strategic plan through actionable steps, and monitor accountability outcomes is imperative for organizational success. 

In this course, you will learn how to translate your strategy into actionable steps. 



The capacity to be “you,” recognize your own abilities, deliver to your full potential, and respect the talents of others to collaboratively work is necessary to reach your maximum potential. 

In this course, you will learn why it's so important to be yourself and how to be a better "you" each day. When you are a better "you", you get better results! 


The capacity to remain receptive to new ideas, challenge the status quo, and disagree respectfully is called open-mindedness. When you are navigating your team through change, it is imperative that you keep an open mind. 

In this course, you will learn ways to recognize new opportunities, creatively solve problems, and develop the perspective needed to get better results. 


The capacity to navigate obstacles, not be afraid to acknowledge that you don't know something, ask quality questions, and lead through transition confidently is the ability to lead your team through uncertainty. 

This course will teach you how to not just deal with uncertainty as a leader, but also how to lessen the anxiety your team experiences when confronted with it.



The capacity to operate with integrity, be reliable and take ownership regardless of who is at fault is called responsibility. 

In this course, you will learn the importance of taking responsibility even when it is not your fault.  


Thank you for completing this training. Please take the EXPOSEYOUR Leadership Capacity Assessment to assist you with identifying your areas of opportunity and growth. 

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